Tirana Chamber of Commerce organized on November 20, 2013 a Press Conference regarding the Adriair project “Air-Taxi” - Business Communicating Facilities in the Adriatic Region

The Press Conference on ADRIAIR project was opened by Mr. Nikolin Jaka, President of Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who emphasized the importance of this project in exchanging experiences and being a flexible system with high standards among the Adriatic region. Mr. Jaka underlined the importance of the project in facilitating the communication and transports among the regional entrepreneurs, which would foster the collaboration in the Adriatic region.

According to Ms. Marina Flamigni, the representative of the Lead Partner Forli- Cesena, Italy, the project will set up a new flexible air connection in the Adriatic region based on air taxi and improve the security standards of the airports involved. This Press conference was held on November 20, 2013, in Tirana, Albania.

In this conference there participated Tirana Chamber of Commerce, the Lead partner representative and other partners in the project as well as local authorities, Medias and stakeholders.